Kostya and Me: How Sam Patten Got Ensnared in Mueller’s Probe

Kostya didn’t join us, he’d said something about having to be at another meeting, and since Paul and I were both Americans figured we could manage on our own. “Your friend is a powerful little dude,” Manafort told me.

He didn’t elaborate but did go on to say how taxing he felt it was for Kostya to have to sit through, and often mediate, the endless meetings between warring factions within OB. What did he mean by “powerful”? The oligarchs who were, in essence, the shareholders of the party paid Kostya more deference than the waitstaff at the Hyatt was paying

...read more at https://www.wired.com/story/kostya-and-me-how-sam-patten-got-ensnared-in-muellers-probe/

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