40% THC Flower?! How Lab Shopping and THC Inflation Cheat Cannabis Consumers

Problems persist up and down the West Coast:

  • In Washington, lab oversight failure in 2018 preceded lab reporting system collapse this year. Regulators and consumers are “flying blind,” expert Washington data scientist and consultant Jim MacRae told Leafly.
  • In Oregon, THC scores peaked at a ludicrous 40% in January amid a scathing state Oregon Health Authority (OHA) audit that found instances of lab shopping and low lab oversight. “Without a mechanism for verifying test results, Oregon’s marijuana testing program cannot ensure that test results are reliable and products are safe,” the OHA audit concluded.
  • In California, lab shopping appears endemic. At least a

    ...read more at https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/lab-shopping-thc-inflation-marijuana-2019-leafly-review

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