Front & Center: Methow Valley rental-booking service finds room to grow – The Spokesman

WINTHROP, Wash. – Part of the fun of running a nightly-rental booking service is conjuring memorable monikers for vacation cottages.

“A good name is worth a lot,” according to Kyrie Jardin, co-owner of Methow Reservations with his wife, Kathleen.

“I didn’t come up with ‘Blue Moon,’ but that’s a great one. The house is even blue.”

“My sister and brother-in-law just bought a local home,” Kathleen said, “and they changed the name from ‘Badger House’ to ‘Casa Bogart.’”

Not all inspirations make the cut.

“There was a duplex known simply as ‘2A’ and ‘2B,’” recalled Kyrie (pronounced KIR-e-a).

“We suggested ‘2B or Not 2B,’ but the more at

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