Higher Law: Cannabis at the Polls: Some Midterm Takeaways | Marijuana Lobbying Updates | In the Weeds

Welcome back to Higher Law, our weekly briefing on all things cannabis. I’m Cheryl Miller, reporting for Law.com from Sacramento, where U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited just eight months ago, wagging his finger at California’s leaders. Now Sessions is out and the stock market is suddenly riding a green wave on news of his departure. How times have changed.

This week, we look at what Tuesday’s election results mean for the cannabis industry. Plus, third quarter lobbying results are rolling in, and political advocates for regulated markets have been quite busy.

Thanks as always for reading. Are you relieved Jeff Sessions, the marijuana-loathing politician who r...read more at https://www.law.com/2018/11/08/higher-law-cannabis-at-the-polls-some-midterm-takeaways-marijuana-lobbying-updates-in-the-weeds/

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