Higher Law: Colorado Prosecutor Rips ‘Unfettered’ Pot Market | General Cannabis Corp. Hires GC | Who Got the Work

Welcome back to Higher Law, our weekly briefing on all things cannabis. I’m Cheryl Miller, reporting for Law.com from Sacramento. Current political events may have you reaching for a beer or a little (legal) marijuana these days. Just don’t reach for marijuana-infused beer if you’re here in California, or maybe Michigan. More on that below.

This week we review the jaw-dropping comments Colorado’s top federal prosecutor made about state-licensed cannabis businesses.  Plus, a federal committee reviewing marijuana policies assures a U.S. Senator it’s not on a pot-bashing mission. And scroll down to see Who Got the Work.

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...read more at https://www.law.com/2018/10/04/higher-law-colorado-prosecutor-rips-unfettered-pot-market-general-cannabis-corp-hires-gc-who-got-the-work/

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